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Office Coffee x Riak vol. 02

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Collaborative movement with riak
Vol. 02

Since stores now need to charge for single-use plastic bags , reusable bags have been increasing in demand. Among many bag options, this compact, foldable and sturdy nylon.

Riak is a brand that focuses on handcrafts, we offer a collaboration between riak and office coffee for launching a reuseable bag. This product is making for reduce a plastic bag using and eco friendly. We use a nylon fabric for material and doing our signature touch in the bag.

Sustainable handcraft local brand Riak
Reusable nylon bag is a movement sustainability, Nature & culture. Eco-friendly

Connecting with nature helps you find peace in your busy life while making the world a better place. Let Nature In. Opening your windows, blinds, curtains, and even doors allows sunlight and natural air to flow through your home, giving it a more relaxing and natural atmosphere.

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Rp‎ 75.000

  • Material Ripstops
    Ripstops fabrics are woven fabrics, oftten made of nylon, using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. During weacing, (thick) reinforcement yarns are interwoven at reguler intervals in a crosshatch pattern. The intervals are typically 5 to 8 milimeters (0.2 to 0.3 in). Thin and lightweight ripstop fabrics have a -dimensional structure due to the thicker yarns being interwoven in thinner cloth. Older lightweight ripstop fabrics display the thicker interlocking thread patterns in the material quite prominently, but more modern waeving techniques makes the ripstop threads less obvious. A similar effect can be achieved by weaving two or three fine yarn together at smaller intevals.