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  • Machine Shop Tools &...

    Harvest Supply is one business shaded by cv indo harvest, which is engaged in trading products for various purposes for cafes, restaurants and hotels, which has been active since 2016. Harvest supply also authorized dealer of Mesin Kafe 

    You can contact us through direct message or our marketing staff for machine consultation.

  • Coffee, Chocolate &...

    Chocolate and powder to create diffrent kind of beverage or food

  • Syrup Gourment

    High quality gourment for featuring you Beverages

  • Coffee Tools

    Simple equipment for your home or coffee bar

  • Homemade Pastry

    Homemade Pastry by A Thousand Feet

  • Tea Savis

    Your Cup is Savis Tea

    For expert tea blender Lily Gunawan, life has been an infusion of colour and aroma
    Lily Gunawan

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